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Evan T.

Evan T.


Hawaiian Eye Center was great!  I had never been to an eye doctor before, as I never had any issues with my vision.

 Then, I was sitting home one day and a portion of my right eye got very distorted vision for about a half hour.  That’s when I decided (with a little convincing from my wife) that I needed to see an eye doctor to check it out.


I arrived at Hawaiian Eye Center about 15 minutes before my appointment.  I was greeted by the friendly receptionist who had me fill out a few quick forms.  They even got me in to my eye exam before my scheduled appointment time!  The eye exam was quick and easy (I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had never had one before) and the knowledgeable ophthalmic assistant thoroughly checked me out with several different instruments/machines.  A few minutes later Dr. Tortora came in to do the last part of my exam.  He was very professional an took the time to explain everything to me.  It turns out that I had experienced an “ocular migraine” which can be triggered/aggravated by several different types of food, among other things.  Thankfully it was nothing serious, and I found out that I have 20/20 vision!  The doctor recommended that I have a follow up exam in a year, and to call them if I experienced any more of the ocular migraines, which I have not.  Overall it was a great experience, and I’ll be sure to go back every year for an exam from now on.