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We’ll be happy to answer your questions about glaucoma. Don’t let glaucoma steal your eyesight. Have regular eye exams. You’re at higher risk for glaucoma if you have a family member with glaucoma or if you’re over age 50. We provide services and treatments for glaucoma at our eye centers in Wahiawa, Hawaii and Waipahu, Hawaii. Hawaiian Eye Center wants you to know that glaucoma is capable of robbing you of your vision before you even know you have a problem. Most glaucoma doesn’t hurt, but it does lead to irreversible vision loss over time. So we recommend regular eye examinations for everyone.

Who Is at Risk for Glaucoma?

There are certain categories of people who are of a higher risk of developing glaucoma, though anyone can get it. If you have one of the following risk factors for glaucoma, you need to have a complete eye examination at least every year or two:

  • Age Greater than 60
  • History of Diabetes
  • African Ancestry
  • Hispanic Ancestry
  • An Immediate Family Member with Glaucoma
  • Past Injury to One or Both Eyes
  • History of Increased Intraocular Pressure Found on a Past Eye Examination

How Does Glaucoma Steal Your Sight?

The earliest visual loss that occurs with glaucoma is in the peripheral vision, or side vision, which makes it not easily noticeable. By the time you can see the vision loss from glaucoma, the disease is far advanced and there is little that can be done for it. Nerve damage occurs in the eye when the intraocular pressure is higher than the eye can tolerate. Glaucoma can be caught early through regular complete eye examinations. It is more common as we age, so it is recommended that you receive yearly eye exams, especially if you are over the age of 60.