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Eyelid Problems

Keep your Eyelids Healthy

Eyelid problems can be uncomfortable and even damage the eye.
Let us evaluate your eyelid problems with services from our eye centers in Wahiawa, Hawaii, and Waipahu, Hawaii. There are a number of conditions that affect the eyelids. The lids are designed to protect the eyes, to maintain normal tear film, and to clean and refresh the eyes through blinking. When the eyelids are abnormal, this can affect the surface of the eye, as the eye relies on normal lid function to keep it healthy. The following is a variety of eyelid problems that Hawaiian Eye Center wants to inform you about.


Lumps and bumps on the eyelid are common and are usually related to the glands on the lids. Chalazion and Hordeolum are lumps resulting from the clogging of the meibomian, or oil glands, in the lids. These conditions are commonly lumped together and called “styes.” A stye will often go away on its own, but can be surgically removed in many cases if it doesn’t resolve on its own. The best way to get it to clear up quickly is by using hot compresses on the lid to help the style come to a head and drain faster.


Other eyelid problems involve eyelashes that rub against the surface of the eye. When this occurs, it can be a source of significant irritation. The lashes can be removed, but will often grow back. If they continue to cause difficulty, a more permanent treatment called electrolysis can be performed in the doctor’s office to reduce the chance that the lashes will grow back.


Sometimes, lashes irritate the surface of the eye because the lids turn inward. This condition is called entropion. When the eyelid is poorly positioned like this, it can be a source of constant irritation and even infection. Lashes chronically rubbing against the surface of the eye cause a breakdown of the surface as well as soreness, blurred vision, and sometimes significant infection.


The eyelid can also turn outward abnormally. This also causes significant discomfort and can lead to a very red looking eye, since the skin, which is normally against the surface of the eye, is now exposed to the air. Lids that turn in or turn out can usually be effectively corrected with surgery.

Ptosis & Dermatochalsis

When the lids of your eyes droop or when extra skin causes the upper lid to cover the top portion of the eye, this is referred to as ptosis. This can be repaired surgically and certainly should be repaired if it interferes with your vision. When people find they need to hold up their eyelids in order to see better, it is a good idea to repair the problem surgically.

Some people notice bulging of the skin under the eyes, or sometimes above the eyes on the nose side of the upper lid. This is generally a change associated with aging in which the fat pads that naturally occur behind the eye are pushed forward to create the appearance of swelling. As long as the swelling doesn’t change from one time of day to another, this is generally not a cause for concern.