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Dry Eye Syndrome


Ocular dryness can be uncomfortable and even damage the eye.┬áLet us evaluate your dry eye disease with services from our eye centers in Wahiawa, Hawaii, and Waipahu, Hawaii. Hawaiian Eye Center is Hawaii’s leader in dry eye disease with the latest diagnostic and treatment technology available anywhere.

Dry Eye

Dry Eye

Dry Eye

Due to its complex nature, dry eye disease is often under-diagnosed. When it is diagnosed, accurate assessment is difficult since common dry eye symptoms can mimic the same symptoms as those of other ailments like ocular allergies.

There are two predominant forms of Dry Eye Disease: Aqueous Deficiency and Evaporative. Evaporative dry eye, which affects up to 86% of dry eye sufferers is caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) or blocked glands that create a deficiency in the oil layer of the tear film. This can be the beginning of other dry eye disease problems including damage to the cornea and signt-related issues.

Tears are made up of three layers

The tear film needs all three layers to be healthy in order to do its job and keep the eye comfortable and seeing well. The three layers of the tear film are:

  • Lipid (oil) Layer: This layer lubricates and prevents evaporation
  • Aqueous (water) Layer: this layer nourishes and protects the cornea
  • Mucin Layer: This layer keeps the tear film smoothly against the eye

The Meibomian Glands create the lipid (oil) layer of the tear film. A blockage or poor function of these glands can lead to evaporative dry eye disease.

Common Symptoms of Evaporative Dry Eye Disease:

  • dryness
  • tearing
  • discomfort and irritation
  • sensitivity to light
  • grittiness
  • discharge
  • feeling of foreign body in eye
  • tirednesss
  • burning or stinging sensation
  • itching
  • vision disturbance
  • redness

These Symptoms may be accompanied by:

  • difficulty performing visual tasks such as reading, watching TV and driving
  • inability to wear contact lenses
  • constant use of eye drops
  • trouble being out in the sun
  • symptoms that worsen late in the day

A New Treatment

dryeyeA new treatment, the Lipiflow Thermal Pulsation, is available and will benefit many dry eye sufferers. This groundbreaking procedure applies directed energy to the glands where it is most needed. LipifFlow is a clinically proven and minimally invasive procedure, performed in our office. The LipiFlow treatment can unblock glands, interrupt physical deterioration and, in most cases, provide symptom relief. Learn more at To find out if you may be a candidate, call our office today.